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Maternal health services

Maternal Health Services provides community-based programs and services focused on providing preventive health and education for growing families throughout Central Washington.

With a staff dedicated to giving families a healthy, hopeful start in life, Maternal Health Services offers programs in genetic counseling, maternity support services, maternal child health home visiting and coordination of regional perinatal improvement programs.

Services available

  • Central Washington Genetics Program: Offers genetic counseling, specialized genetic testing and diagnostic services.
  • Maternal Child Health Program: Provides office and home visits by a community health nurse or a licensed counselor. For more information, please call 509-575-8160.
  • Regional Perinatal Program (4th Floor): Provides quality improvement for perinatal services in Central Washington Childbirth Education Classes. For more information, call 509-575-8160.

With guidance from Maternal Health Services, families are able to decide which programs would be most helpful for them. Women at risk of premature delivery may need prenatal education in their homes, while others may want to learn how to enhance their child's early development.

For those who need assistance with nutrition, a WIC (women, infants and children) program is located adjacent to the Maternal Health Services office.

By giving women the information and support they need to make healthy choices, Maternal Health Services strives to promote healthy babies and strong families. All services are available in English and Spanish.